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District Leaders
Get in the Zone

Who's in My Zone?

Whoa! Look at all these districts that are connected by Zones 33 & 34! Click on the image and learn about our Zone.

People of Action
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Rotary's Camp Florida

Good Clean Fun...For Everyone

The 21-acre camp was built in 1955 as a church camp, and was acquired by Rotary Clubs throughout Florida in 1991. Rotary began a restoration program allowing the camp to meet full standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and pose no barriers to the groups that use it. Need a speaker? Visit the camp's website and use the CONTACT US link straight from the home page. And when you know more, DO more.

Rotary Develops Leaders

In Rotary there are many opportunities to hone your leadership skills. You can learn online at the Learning Center, sign up for PETS (President Elect Training Seminars) or RLI (Rotary Leadership Training) sessions, or just go cold turkey (probably not the best plan for your club). Make the investment in leadership and get the big payoff for your superstar club. Click right here and learn about one of these opportunities with RLI.